Bratique collects bras on behalf of Soutien Girls ( If you have any bras in good condition that you no longer need please send them to us or bring them along to a fitting.

Soutien Girls is an organisation that sends bras to Nigeria and distributes them to woman that have no financial support. These woman may be widowed or single with no family to financially help support them and their children. They sell the bras and are allowed to keep a percentage of the sale and the excess is put into a fund to sponsor children from poor families to attend school. (50Fr will sponsor a child for a year in a local village school).


We also support Maasai Molar a foundation offering dental work in Kenya (

Rachael from the foundation also makes reusable sanitary towels and distributes them to the local woman. If you have any towels, sheets (dark colours or patterned are best) and shower curtains that you would like to donate please contact me.

You can either send them to us, bring them along to a fitting and we will forward them on or you can send them directly to Rachael. 

I will also arrange collection points in Zurich, please see our Facebook page for the next collection details.