80% of women wear the wrong size bra.  The most common reason is that they wear the wrong size band they are usually wearing a band size too big, which is travelling up their back.  The second reason is the cup size, usually they are wearing one too small!

There is no charge for the bra fitting service, if we can not find a bra in stock for you then you will go away with a few tips on what to look for or you can look through the catalogues of my suppliers and I can order them in.

At a bra fitting I will ask you to take off your top but leave your bra on.  I will check the back fit first so we can establish your band size and then we will find the correct cup size.  It is mainly about the back, the back does the main work in supporting the breasts and stopping those Cooper Ligaments from stretching and heading south.  A good supportive correct fitting bra will do wonders for your posture and shape.

How often you get measured really depends on a few factors.  You may happily stay the same bra size for years but hormanal changes, gaining or loosing weight, pregnancy and nursing play a big role. It is advised to go for a fitting if you have undergone any of the above or you notice the below changes with your current bra fit:

Back band is not straight, travelling north towards your shoulder blades.

Bra strap sliders are at the adjustable limit.  Straps are falling off or digging into shoulders.

There is a gap between the front centre of your bra and your chest this should lie flat on your chest between the breasts.

Breasts spill out over the top and sides of cups.  The breast should be contained within the cup.

The wire should sit firmly underneath the breast and not be sitting on or digging into any breast tissue.

The bra band fasten is at the last set of hooks and cannot be fastened tighter (when first wearing a new bra always fasten at the first, loosest set of hooks).

I currently offer fitting appointments on 1 Saturday a month and every Thursday and Friday morning. If you would like to make an appointment for a bra fitting please contact me via the website contact form or email info@bratique.ch


Bra fitting appointments are available again from 8th March, drop me an email to make a booking - dependant on Covid19 regulations. I am also opening up more appointments during the week to spread them out, this gives me time to clean and air the room between fittings. If you would like to book a fitting appointment drop me an email and we can arrange a suitable time and date.

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