I had my first professional bra-fitting for my wedding 20 years ago.  I never ever found a bra that was comfortable again, unless it was professionally fitted. I would return to that ‘bra-man’ when I was  in my home country, even though it was mostly out of my way.  I’m so excited that I found Bratique. Anne-Marie is very professional, and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I am very happy and comfortable in my new bras.
Hannah, September 22


I was really looking forward to have a proper bra fitting with an expert and Anne-Maree didn't disappoint me.
Booking an appointment was easy and Anne is flexible with the timing. The place is accessible easily by public transport. Anne was very nice and accommodating. I feel comfortable  during the bra fitting. At first, I thought it will only take 20 minutes but I didn't realize I was there for almost an hour.
Even if I found my perfect bra during the first 15 minutes, Anne was very patient to let me try other styles to get a feel on how it fits on me. I also appreciated the tips and advice on  proper fitting & wearing and taking care of the bra. Also when I had the selection of my bra, she made me fit it again to make sure we get everything right. 
Bratique was really a game changer for me. I went home with 3 bras and it was a worth it. If I went to a department store or buy online, I will probably pay the same but the fitting will not be perfect. To add, Anne has a huge collection and they are all pretty. 
I am totally going back!
Julia, September 22


Finding a bra that truly fits has always been a challenge for me. So when I found out about Anna-Maree’s bra fitting service, I had to try it. I walked in wearing a bra size 80 C and walked out with sizes 65 F to 60 I.
The bra fitting session was outstanding. It was very personalised and she made sure that I would get bras that truly fit and are comfortable to wear. The session was not just about trying different bras, and actually Anna-Maree shared many valuable tips on how to wear the bras correctly. Wish I had known about it years ago, but better late than never!
One of the reason I wanted to find fitting bras was also that I was experiencing recurrent back pain and suspected my old bras were contributing to the pain. I must say the pain has improved since I started using the new bras. I will definitely be using Bratique in the future.
Aurélie, August 22


I love ordering from Bratique. Anna-maree is always up to date on the latest releases and the up coming launches of my favourite brands. I was so tired of of plain boring bras, being able to get  fun colours and patterns in bras that fit properly is a joy. Finding somewhere in Switzerland selling above an E cup is fantastic and I recommend it to everybody.
Susan, July 22


It wasn't easy to find a day/time that suited me and my friend and Anna-Maree, but we communicated a lot and then found a slot that suited us all. And it was so worth the wait! 
My friend and I felt totally at ease with Anna-Maree and we very much appreciated the time that she took for us. We now finally know what to look for in a good fitting bra. And we both ordered a few. I love that we can order the same brand(s)/model(s) when new colours come out too. 
Overall a great experience and I have already recommended some of my friends to go to Bratique too. 
Main, June 22


So you think you know your bra size?Think again. After many years and $ wasted on uncomfortable and ill-fitting bras, I was saved by Bratique. Slightly shocked by how far away my actual bra size is from what I was wearing, I never think of it again when getting dressed and will be regularly updating my collection from the lovely selection. An eye-opener and time saver, highly recommended!
Gintare, May 22


Thank you for the lovely bra fitting session for myself and my daughter, we both learned so much and the experience was extremely positive and helpful. As a stylist I know the importance of fit with clothes but was always unsure with bras but Bratique has changed all that and we are both loving our new bras. I can't believe the change in how my tops look with my correctly fitted bras - lifted and supported.
Style with Lize, May 22


I had a wonderful experience with Anna-Maree at my recent first ever proper bra fitting. And no surprises I was wearing the wrong size. After a detailed trying on session with Anna-Marees expertise and non judging tone in a perfectly set up space, I purchased 4 new bras. The shape and support I now have is phenomenal, getting used to the tighter fit but it sure looks better now. Thanks Anna-Maree, let’s organise that sports bra fitting soon !! 
Susan, May22


I was so pleased to find Bratique.  Anna-Maree put me completely at ease when I went for my fitting.
She was patient and listened to what I wanted and needed from new underwear.
She advised what the options were and which bra was the best for me. She took the time to ensure that the brand of bra was a good fit for my shape.
I will definitely go back to Anna-Maree when I need underwear in the future. I trust her to fit me correctly and give me good advice.
Jasmine, Mar22


I am so happy to have attended a fitting with Anna-Maree and to have found some bras which fit me perfectly.
Anna-Maree was very responsive to all my queries and I really appreciated the amazing service.
I'll be back!
Lyndy, Mar22


I am so happy that I went to Bratique for a fitting. Anna-Maree is fantastic, and the consultation was so personalised, in depth and interesting. I got to try on many different styles, and sizes, and Anna-Maree really recommended the right ones to try, and she was spot on about the sizing.
I'm not going to lie, I was feeling a bit anxious about it, since I hadn't had a bra fitting in a long time, but it was great experience and I have several excellent quality, and amazing fitting bras!
I wish I could give more than 5 stars.
Louise, Mar22 (Facebook)


I approached Anna-Maree for advice and a fitting for my teenage daughter. At every stage of the process Anna-Maree was friendly and professional. We visited her for two fittings, and both times were made to feel at ease. We received excellent advice, as well as the opportunity to purchase bras that were high quality, exactly the right fit, and also beautiful enough to receive the teenage seal of approval. Thank you!
Kate, Feb22


For me, there are two main reasons why a person should get fitted; 
1. Because with 10 years of buying from discount stores in the UK and having bras shipped here, I can tell you it’s a false economy! In all this time, I don’t think I’ve ever bought The Perfect Bra. I’ve bought bras that are good, I’ve bought bras that are almost right, I’ve bought bras that will do, and I’ve bought bras that just don’t even fit no matter how hard I squish my boobs in. I’ve have FINALLY learnt, after all this time, to get fitted and find The Perfect Bra every time. 
Bras in Switzerland are undoubtably more expensive, but I’ve saved a heap of money since getting fitted with Bratique because I win every time! 
2. It also turns out, that the same size in different brands and styles can fit completely differently. At my last fitting with Bratique it was an eye opener. I’m happy to report I have found my holy grail of bras, thank you Elomi Matilda! 
Philippa, Jan22